Privacy and Accessibility Questions

Does BrainSpan meet accessibility standards (accessible to consumers with vision, hearing or sensory impairments)?

BrainSpan generally complies with applicable accessibility standards. However, BrainSpan also has content including the Brain Health Assessment that requires certain sensory skills. For example, in a cognitive memory test, a series of words appears on the screen for a few seconds, and then you are tested on what words were displayed.

How do I unsubscribe from your email list?

Click the Unsubscribe link at the bottom of your email.

What personal information does BrainSpan keep on file, and how is it used?

Read our Privacy Policy to understand how BrainSpan collects, uses, shares and protects personal data. We take great care and precaution with all personal data and maintain the latest HIPAA compliant IT security also compliant with the General Rule provisions of HIPAA.

Is my personal info secure?

Read our Privacy Policy to see how we protect personal data. 

Does BrainSpan share my personal info or sell it to any other companies?

Read our Privacy Policy to understand how BrainSpan collects, uses, shares and protects personal data. 

Where can I read your privacy policy?

Read our Privacy Policy. 

Where can I read your terms of use?

Read our Terms of Use.

My report summary page has some branded product recommendations on it. What is the relationship between BrainSpan and any sponsored nutritional item if i am see those as a result of my practitioner using it?

Branded reports are a benefit that some providers have by way of our customization of the summary page where you can track and see your progress in every key area.  These were developed in order to offer patients and providers with a trusted resource that takes the latest in brain health and cellular health assessment techniques and combines it with expertise from nutritional companies we have examined carefully and even tested their products independent of their knowledge before offering branded report options.

How can I order BrainSpan for my company?

For partnership opportunities or bulk subscriptions, please reach out to our Business Development team here.

Is there a BrainSpan app I can download?

BrainSpan is not currently available via an app but finished a large project in 2020 that allows your report to be easily viewed from the portal on a smartphone screen. The report is accessible and viewable via web browser on a desktop, tablet or mobile device.
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