Frequently Asked Questions about the Cognitive Test

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How should I prepare for the Brain Health portion of the Assessment?
The cognitive tests in the Brain Health Assessment are scientifically researched and have been used in clinical settings, and your responses are carefully measured. To prepare for the assessment, please consider these guidelines:
  • Find a quiet room with no distractions. Make sure that pets are put in another room and also switch your phone or device to silent mode.
  • Get a good night’s sleep the day before taking the assessment so you are well rested.
  • Pay careful attention to the instructions before each test.
  • Set aside up to 30 minutes to complete the assessment.

What will the Brain Health Assessment tell me?

The assessment tells you what your overall brain health score is after you complete each cognitive test and combined with your fatty acid cell profile, important connections can be made that are scientifically valid. This test has been validated not just in research conditions which often have strictly controlled environments, but also when taken by at home or at the practitioner's office as part of the BrainSpan Assessment as a recent validation study demonstrated. You'll also get individual scores for each cognitive test (working memory, cognitive flexibility, sustained attention, and processing speed). Your results will also tell you how you can improve your brain health score.

How long does the full Brain Health Assessment take?

The Brain Health Assessment takes approximately 20 minutes to complete but set aside 30 to be safe and allow plenty of time to read the instructions before each section. The test must be taken in one testing period all the way through. We recommend that you find a quiet place and finish it in one sitting. If you get interrupted or need to step away for some reason, we’ll save your spot for up to one hour.

Can I stop and re-start the test later after completing a portion or specific section?

No, the test must be taken in one testing period and each testing section must be taken in successive fashion or the scoring would be invalidated.

Where are my Brain Health Assessment results? Will I receive results without the blood sample being completed?

Your BrainSpan Brain Health results are included in the BrainSpan report which requires the blood sample analysis to be generated. You will not receive a partial report on just the brain health specific portion of the test. However if whether you complete the test before the blood work is done or after, the test will auto-generate a new report within about 2 minutes. Sometimes it can take a few extra minutes if many tests are being regenerated since the resources used to generate reports is substantial. BrainSpan invests substantial resources every year in server capacity, security, and report generation software to enhance the speed and accuracy of such complex reports. If you have access to your patient results at and see your blood work in your report but not your cognitive test after just having completed it, please log out, wait five minutes and revisit your Assessment Results page if you re-take or take the assessment after the blood work has been done. If your results are not available, please email so we can help you. 

How often should I take the Brain Health Assessment?

The Brain Health Assessment should be taken three times over the first 4-6 months of testing while simultaneously repeating the blood test which is required anyway to get a new report. This gives you time to take action, based on your personalized recommendations, and let's you see how your score changes over time especially as you improve your nutritional cell health. It is highly recommended to re-take the test after this first period of adjustment and resolution, once every 6-12 months if you want optimum performance and resilience to aging and decline over time. With age, our fatty acid acid requirements change and our microbiome also changes with age, therefore multiple factors associated with the passage of time demand re-testing at regular intervals if you want to ensure your health is protected to optimal levels.

What if I have trouble either finding the email or problems with taking the test such as my screen locks?

Stay calm. We can re-set or delete and let you re-take any test so do not let technical hurdles fluster you and then impact the reliability of the test results (when we are anxious, our cognitive flexibility is significantly reduced). First, realize there are lots and lots of devices and browsers on the market and it is impossible for us to make a test that works perfectly on everyone; especially if that device is not maintained properly which is common given our busy lives and how when we do not have to be using a computer or device, we generally prefer to take a break from it, not work on it like we do our other home chores. However, it is getting more and more important to dedicate an hour of time once a month keeping all of your devices up to date and free of problems so programs like this can run smoothly. If you have problems but you have no idea when the last time you updated your device or cleared your browser's history, you might have problems. But use it as a learning opportunity and you will have a fantastic testing experience!

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