How to Solve Any Problems Taking the Cognitive Test


Step 1) be sure you are checking the same email that the test was registered to
Step 2) Search ALL email incoming mail for the sender "BrainSpan". If that does not work, try searching

Therefore if you cannot find the test in your email and you are uncertain if the provider pushed send, you must contact the provider first since not all providers want patients taking the test at home out of personal preference.
If you otherwise are 100% certain that the criteria for sending the test to your email were met, you will need to jump to the ticket form at the bottom and submit an email validation request since the only way that can happen is if you mistyped your email when registering your test. Barring that, the problem is likely the result of overly aggressive filtering or removing of email from senders not in your address book. Be sure to add BrainSpan ( to your approved sender's list for this present issue and if you contact us in the future.

Preparing for an Optimal Test Experience and Common Issues

For an optimal site experience, better encryption, and privacy support, BrainSpan recommends using the latest versions (current and previous major releases) of the browsers and mobile OS listed below. If you follow the below directions carefully and it still does not work, there is something wrong with your device (such as the memory or "RAM" is too low and you must take it to an authorized repair or replacement store).

  • Prepping Your Device
 You should always do the following before taking an important assessment on your device:
-Charge your device to 90 percent or above.
-While it is charging, this would be an excellent time to wipe and clean the screen thoroughly,  as dirt, grease, stains and other debris can block the sensors on the touchpad and cause lag and or input control problems.
 -A common cause of a locked screen (other than javascript not being enabled in Safari Advanced Settings) is too little RAM and too many applications and memory hogs running interfering with the program which needs RAM. Check your phone’s settings and see how much of its RAM and memory is being taken up. If there is little to no space left on the SIM card, try removing some programs.
-If you are using an iPad, make sure the Screen Lock is not on.  See the video here:

  • iPad Pro Screen Unresponsive?

Are you dealing with a locked screen on an iPad Pro?
Ensure you have completed these steps as it is a common problem with the iPad Pro.

Check-Still not working?
Do all of the following in order and then submit a ticket if it is still not working. You must take the following steps in addition to the above before submitting a ticket as these steps will solve nearly all problems:


First, you never, ever should log in to take a cognitive test unless you are a provider logging in to the provider portal. Patients taking the test for the first time or as a re-test, only need the email with the orange button inside the email. 

Second, how do you know if you have a problem anyway?
Let's review what screens you should see when either clicking the button in your email or, if a provider, clicking on the "Start Now" button in your portal.
First screen you should see is


The next screen you should see after touching anywhere on the screen as shown above:
----CORRECT VIEW of authenticating your date of birth and several other demographics which also improves accuracy of the results.

There is never a log in except for the provider portal log in to access results, needed to access the cognitive test.
The below is caused be browser errors, cookies, cache, and other problems related to the above and below steps.


Step 1

Ensure you have Minimal Operating Requirements
  • Pentium IV or higher, 1GB RAM MINIMUM OR
  •  Core 2 Duo (equivalent) or higher, 1GB RAM
Additionally, it is vital that you ensure that there are no memory-intensive background tasks (e.g. virus scan, accounting software, etc) running during the testing.

With the exception of Internet Explorer (IE11), the BrainSpan cognitive test is supported when you use one of the following most up to date and latest major release (you can click and be taken to download the latest version):
  • Chrome (current and last major revision) (Desktop and Mobile)
  • Firefox (current and last major revision) (Desktop)
  • Microsoft Edge (current and last major revision) (Desktop)
  • Opera (current and last major revision) (Desktop)
  • Safari (current and last major revision) (Desktop and Mobile--but be careful about javascript settings, see below. These are common cause of locked screens.)

-Mobile Devices
Yes, we only support Chrome and Safari on mobile and Chrome is preferred. This can make it difficult since Apple's default browser is always Safari even if you do install a Chrome browser. However, all you need is the link that is connected to the button in the email (copy and paste) into a Chrome browser within about 2-3 minutes after you open it in Safari and that may solve your problem. There are a few ways to do this and we suggest using Apple's nifty URL universal clipboard. See the instructions here.

The point is that you can right click on the button in the email on another computer where you access your email and then txt or email the link in a manner that gives you access to it on the touchscreen device. When you retrieve, copy the link entirely (be careful, make sure you have the whole link). Then open the newly installed Chrome Browser on your device and paste the link into the chrome browser.

Remember, before doing anything, always: 
  • Determine if your internet browser is current or needs upgrading.
  • Try using a different browser (in its latest version) as a temporary workaround.

Step 2

 If you are using a mobile device and clicking on your email and relying on the default Safari browser:
  • Make sure the Javascript is enabled in advanced settings on ipad by following the instructions here or watching the video below.

Step 3

Always, perform the following before taking an assessment:
-Clean out the browser history
-----For Safari on an iPad or iPhone do this: Settings > Safari > Clear Cache (and Clear History)
-Delete all cookies. 
-Reset the Device by performing a soft-reset/reboot. This fixes many stuck browsers!!
----How to reboot/soft reset Apple Device: press and hold both the sleep and home buttons for about 10 to 15 seconds (ignore the red slider), after which the Apple logo should appear - you won't lose any content, it's the iPad equivalent of a reboot.
-Double check you did steps 1 and 2 and the above steps in 3 correctly (95% of our support calls are directly due to not performing these correctly)

Step 4

Do not run the test with other programs running on your iPad or computer. An unresponsive screen after the safari settings are correct it is generally caused by not enough RAM or CPU power. Shut them all down, delete unnecessary apps, and use this opportunity to get organized and up to date with your iPad. You should not be opening a mail application but accessing your email from a Chrome browser app (1st choice) or Safari (2nd Choice) as Mail will consume potentially critical computing power needed to run the test.

Lastly, make sure you close the test properly as many times individuals close the test before they see the message below:

Practitioners, before you give up and assume they need to take it again, there is one last hope that it saved before they closed the browser.Try the 2 refresh buttons in the portal:

If none of the above solved the problem then submit a ticket using the link below and state that you completed the 2020 Cognitive Test Troubleshooting steps:

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