Can I be reimbursed through medicare or insurance for BrainSpan?

BrainSpan's Practitioner Core report is an integrated testing process involving a whole blood collection on a sample card using the fingerstick method and a 4 part cognitive function test performed on a personal computing device such as a tablet or iPad (most ideal). The data from both parts of the test is used to generate a 10-12 page PDF report. A set of procedures are required to collect the sample, perform the cognitive function test, and add any additional supplementary questionnaires that can be used to augment the evaluation providing additional clinical insight and specific clinical applications in the management of symptomatology or preventive health screening. Neurocognitive Testing Procedures that generate potential billing opportunities for the practitioner 1) Testing: Type of testing administration (clinician, technician, computer), interpretation, and reporting event. Results Integration: 2) Integration: An ‘additional professional code’ for extra time a clinician takes INTEGRATING the test results into an E&M visit. 3) Clinical Measures of symptomology, behaviors, and comorbidities (rating instruments, health questionnaires, etc.) used to identify the psychological, behavioral, emotional, and social factors important to the prevention, treatment, or management of physical and mental health problems. The value of Neurocognitive testing is well recognized. CMS has sent out several memos mandating coverage for these codes. Generally, there is widespread reimbursement and coverage by payers for the procedure codes used for these. Most often, additional survey assessments are necessary (but also many are free and included in the resources for new practitioners) and the combination of these plus the other parts of BrainSpan offers a powerful clinical tool in addition to a reimbursable viable tool in many cases. Generally, a minimum of 31 minutes must be provided to report any per hour code. Clinical measures generated from patient and informant testing procedure codes are reimbursable by many public and private payers and when combined with the neurocognitive testing can help document the complexity and higher reimbursement rate for the appropriate E&M (new 99201‐99205 and established 99211‐99215 patients) codes. The BrainSpan assessment when combined with other procedures and/or surveys to ensure compliance would be a tool to be used as it applies to different clusters of codes to include: Psych procedure codes 96101, 96102, and 96103 for psychological testing & 96101 for integrating results, Neuro procedure codes 96116, 96118, 96119, and 96120 for neuropsychological or neurocognitive testing & 96118 for integrating results, and 96111 for extended DEVELOPMENTAL testing. For fatty acid collection and measurement: 82726 - very long chain fatty acids 82542 - additional fatty acids (palmitic) Please reference the new practitioner reimbursement educational guide for more details. *New* Cognitive Impairment Assessment and Care Planning Billing Code 99483: -See New Practitioner Guide for learning how you can use BrainSpan in this new area of emphasized screening within a greater clinical framework. *Note: CPT codes provided are based on AMA guidelines and are for informational purposes only. CPT coding is the sole responsibility of the billing party.  
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