I am having trouble launching the cognitive test. What should I do?

Please download and read the cognitive function test troubleshooting guide from inside your help tab of the portal. You can also access it here: https://www.brainspan.com/help or the articles section of this site. Here are some summary guidelines that prevent most issues--but once you get them, the troubleshooting guide can also help you resolve them. Be sure the points below are emphasized to patients taking the cognitive test away from your clinic/place of work: ********* If deployed to the client by email, always emphasize reading the email ( a new one since 2019) carefully before they take the test. Ensure they are using an acceptable device, acceptable browser, and ensure they know what settings they might need if something does cause a problem. For the most accurate and robust report, always have the patient take the online cognitive function test unless they are age 14 or less. In these children, you absolutely still want to test them but the most important part of the test for this population (and probably until age 25) is their fatty acid profile. Their fatty acid profile is critical for proper neurogenesis and during these years, their brain is developing the fastest, and has the highest demand for proper levels of fatty acids including DHA and EPA. At age 60, our brain starts to shrink but this too can be prevented by optimizing the brain cellular environment throughout ones 40s and 50s. HIgh school, especially if contact sports are engaged in, the cognitive function test is an excellent way to understand their performance baseline. But like any baseline, its more accurate with repeated tests, at least 3 the first year and every 6-12 months every year after. (see protocol question). Your BrainSpan assessment is unique in that it combines a brief cognitive function test with your blood work. This provides a more complete, personalized BrainSpan assessment. For example, this information is required to receive your predicted brain potential and resilience to decline. The test does not measure your IQ but rather specific functional areas that can be improved and optimized with nutritional and lifestyle improvements. Please read the instructions before each segment carefully. Make sure you have a good WiFi connection, and your notifications are silenced to avoid interruption. While there is no special software to download, the following device/browser recommendations are also provided. If the test does not load appropriately, please refer to the section at the bottom of this email for specific troubleshooting steps that will resolve most errors. Browser- Microsoft Edge, NOT recommended, Internet Explorer okay Tablets/iPad- Android or iOS approved are fine Laptop/Desktop - Windows or Mac OS are fine (mouse or trackpad are completely acceptable. Mobile Phones - Android or iOS NOT recommended due to small screens Amazon Readers/Chromebooks- No Issue launching or saving a cognitive test: 1) Download the troubleshooting guide and follow the instructions. 2) Don't worry, it is short and easy to read, but if you are in a real hurry, always delete all cookies from the browser, shut the browser down, refresh your portal (see Portal tips and tricks), and re-start. Delete (trash can icon) next to any cognitive test that was stored in the portal. You get up to 3 tests during the first test. 3) Problem still there? Please submit a new ticket above.